Environmental Financial Reform

With an environmental financial reform, we are using fiscal policy and taxation to redirect towards a sustainable and fair economy and society - by reducing subsidies that harm the environment and society, by placing our tax system on a broader basis and by making the consumption of resources and the burden on the climate more expensive. The additional revenue should be used sustainably for investments in the future and social justice. 


Holger Bär



Holger Bär, Florian Peiseler, Beate Richter, Illiana Aleksandrova  |  02.2023  |  Study
Holger Bär, Matthias Runkel, Florian Zerzawy, Fabian Grimm  |  12.2022  |  Policy Brief
Holger Bär, Ann-Cathrin Beermann, Dr. Katja Schumacher, Anne Siemons, Friedhelm Keimeyer, Rafael Postpischil, Dr. Klaus Jacob  |  09.2022  |  Study
Ann-Cathrin Beermann, Holger Bär, Swantje Fiedler, Simon Meemken, Florian Peiseler, Matthias Runkel, Carolin Schenuit, Isabel Schrems, Florian Zerzawy  |  09.2022  |  Study
Holger Bär, Christian Fischle, Aniska Bitomsky, Florian Peiseler  |  09.2022  |  Study
Rafael Postpischil, Dr. Klaus Jacob, Holger Bär, Ann-Cathrin Beermann, Anne Siemons, Dr. Katja Schumacher, Friedhelm Keimeyer  |  06.2022  |  Study
Holger Bär, Christopher Leisinger, Matthias Runkel, Marius Goerge, Marc Mecke  |  05.2022  |  Study
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