Environmental Financial Reform

With an environmental financial reform, we are using fiscal policy and taxation to redirect towards a sustainable and fair economy and society - by reducing subsidies that harm the environment and society, by placing our tax system on a broader basis and by making the consumption of resources and the burden on the climate more expensive. The additional revenue should be used sustainably for investments in the future and social justice. 


Holger Bär



Florian Zerzawy, Simon Meemken, Swantje Fiedler, Carolin Schenuit, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nissen, Simon Ingmanns, Johanna Neuhoff, Yann Girard, Dr. Max Peiffer, Dr. Carolin König, Sebastian Schnurre  |  10.2023  |  Study
Florian Zerzawy, Simon Meemken, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nissen, Simon Ingmanns, Yann Girard, Johanna Neuhoff, Hannah Marie Zick  |  10.2023  |  Study
Isabel Schrems, Swantje Fiedler, Florian Zerzawy, Janis Hecker, Peter Martin  |  09.2023  |  Background paper
Isabel Schrems, Kim Warneke  |  07.2023  |  Study
Simon Meemken, Florian Zerzawy, Illiana Aleksandrova  |  05.2023  |  Study
Florian Peiseler, Florian Zerzawy, Matthias Runkel  |  05.2023  |  Background paper
Isabel Schrems, Florian Zerzawy  |  03.2023  |  Policy Brief
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