Fossil Fuel to Renewable Energy: Comparator Study of Subsidy Reforms and Energy Transitions in African and Indian Ocean Island States

Publikationsart Studie

This report analyses the impacts of fossil fuel energy in the multiple dimensions of sustainability, modelling the relationships, externalities, and opportunities that a transition to a new energy paradigm can offer, based on energy conservation, efficiency and low-carbon renewable sources. It first explores the “sustainability doughnut“ as an integrative model, which facilitates the overlaying of policy choices, including energy-related ones, with the economic, social and environmental sustainability impacts they have.

With policy-relevance as key objective, the report makes a series of general and country-specific recommendations, underlining the most important policy areas of fossil fuel to renewable energy (FFRE) transition for the island states.

Auftraggeber*innen United Nation Office for Sustainable Development
Tags Energy Transition, Island States
Publikationsdatum 2015
Externe Datei Externe Publikation

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