What use is the (D-)EITI? The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in Germany under scrutiny

Publikationsart Policy Brief

The Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative has been implemented in Germany since 2015. Representatives from government, the private sector and civil society decide by consensus on the design of the process. In the annual transparency reports, companies in the extractive sector disclose their payments (taxes and other levies) to the state. In addition, other information on the extractive sector is compiled to educate the public about the structure of the sector and key framework conditions. The Policy Brief identifies potential for improvement in order to strengthen the initiative as a global standard, create added value compared to existing reporting requirements and promote the debate on raw materials policy in Germany.

Auftraggeber*innen Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Institution FÖS, FUE
Publikationsdatum 2021
Datei 2021-01_FOES_FUE_What_use_is_the_D-EITI.pdf

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