Introduction to the EU Taxonomy for a Circular Economy

Publikationsart Hintergrundpapier

This report is an introduction to the EU Taxonomy, its relevance, primary goals and design. Its purpose is to help environmental experts to understand the development, structure and mode of operation of the EU Taxonomy. This report uses examples from key sectors to illus- trate the application of the Taxonomy and highlights tasks in the further development of the Taxonomy. Its intention is not to make recommendations to the on- going process within the EU-Sustainable Finance Platform or to present in detail all issues involved in the development of criteria, but to enable readers to follow and engage in the ongoing development of the Taxonomy. The focus of this paper is the transition to a circular economy.

Auftraggeber*innen NABU
Institution FOES
Tags EU Taxonomy, Sustainable Finance, Circular Economy
Publikationsdatum 2021
Datei 2021-04_FOES_Taxonomy_CE.pdf

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